Art is the refined expression of our common human experience.

So shouldn’t we common humans be able to surround ourselves with fine, museum-quality artwork that touches us in meaningful ways?  

That’s the question that brought artbarltd into being. Our owner and head curator, Jigisha Bouverat, has spent 25 years in the visual art world, working with elite professional creatives who make their living through commerce, while creating extraordinary works of fine art during the moments in between. Our vision is to connect these talented artists with art-loving humans who appreciate the power of their work.   

Viewing the work online is like visiting an intimate gallery, with each artist represented in a thoughtfully curated showcase. Each piece of artwork is printed on archival, museum quality paper selected by the artist and our printing partners. We work with Contact Photo Lab, artisan printers who share our genuine passion for exquisitely printed artwork.

We strive to do good through art. A portion of every sale is dedicated to charities that help disadvantaged and health-challenged children through art experiences.  

This year our charity of choice is 3 Strands. An organization fighting to end human trafficking. You can learn more about their efforts and donate directly at

Please browse, absorb, and enjoy the work. We think you’ll find it uncommonly interesting.

For custom prints or curation services please email us at